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Belmoto was born from the mind and soul of Magrette Timepiece founder, Dion McAsey. His acute attention to design detail has converged in the Belmoto timepiece collection.

He created the Belmoto brand with the same masterful craftsmanship and pedigree as Magrette, with a heavy nod towards an era of race car driving and motorcycling when men sweat, bled and worshipped the art of speed & the beauty of their machines. Each Belmoto timepiece is a machine of perfect time-keeping and allows the bearer to feel the energy of past era in a modern timepiece.

Like Dion, Belmoto represents a human being of action. Say what you do and do what you say. Integrity is in our DNA. We believe it is in yours, too. At Belmoto, we are devoted to the lost art of leadership, craftsmanship and self-reliance. We are patrons of action. The quality of our timepiece collection and the emotional experience of the Belmoto brand is about being yourself; let the world know how powerful you can be. Welcome to Belmoto.